First Aid Training for Children

first aid bagLearning first aid is a great education for children aged 8 to 11. It would help prepare them for all emergencies in life. There are certain institutes in Maroochydore which teach first aid to children as well.

First aid training enables children to respond appropriately in critical situations. It not only helps children become more confident but allows them to be prepared for facing difficulties with ease.

The most important aspect of first aid training for children is that they should know about basic medical help, treating small burns, cuts and sprains. First aid for children may involve the following

  • General introduction to first aid and what it actually involves.
  • Treating small cuts and burns.
  • Treat people suffering from dizziness or what to do if someone loses consciousness
  • It helps empower children to deal with small emergencies without losing confidence
  • Children can learn about dressing small cuts or applying the right sorts of medicines to burns.

For older children CPR management is also an option. However before you send your child for learning CPR make sure you talk to them about it in detail. Tell them about the importance of heart pumping in emergency situations. If at any instance they might see someone lose consciousness or see someone choking you may need to administer CPR. In any case a person’s heart stops beating it is CPR which can actually help save their lives.

Enroll your older children for first aid training classes which teach CPR as a life saving skill.

Training helps children understand whether it’s a case of genuine emergency or not

Knowing about first aid helps children know which medical conditions are actual emergencies. Teach them that emergency situations require immediate help. Dialing 911 is one way of dealing with emergencies. They should be able to explain clearly to the operator the situation a person is in. Talking clearly on the phone is also important. It can help the operator understand the situation easily.v

What your child will learn at a first aid class

Your child will learn the three basic ABCs of first aid. These include

  • The airways should always be clear. At no point of an emergency should a person stop breathing. Administering mouth to mouth resuscitation can help save a life.
  • A person should not bleed to death, the person administering first aid should be aware of this.
  • The person’s heart should not stop beating.
  • Children will be taught that administering first aid could be something as simple as putting a bandage on cuts and scrapes to something serious like CPR or restoring breathing.
  • First aid also requires psychological help. To keep a person’s mind at ease and to provide them with the right support and guidance to help them deal with emergencies.
  • Children may also be taught about pet first aid. Pets can have their emergencies as well. They too might suffer from cuts and scrapes or might accidentally ingest poisonous substances.

For more information on learning first aid for children make sure you contact this first aid course in Maroochydore urban centre.