Top 5 Natural Medical Centres in Perth

More people are seeking better and less invasive alternatives to treat/manage existing medical conditions or just to maintain good health and well-being. It’s not uncommon to find patients of conventional (orthodox) doctors turning to natural medical practitioners for lasting solutions to chronic problems that have defied conventional approaches and medicines. The naturopaths also employ the diagnostic techniques used by the conventional medical practitioners but their approach to treatment is different. There are several excellent natural medical centres in Perth, Western Australia, with qualified naturopaths in specialties such as Weight Loss, Chronic pains, skin conditions, digestive disorders among others. 

Based on recommendations, below are top 5 natural medical centres in Perth:

Perth Naturopath Life Wellness Centre: With offices in Perth and Fremantle, they offer a range of naturopath treatments with a holistic approach. According to their website (include link), clinical specialties include Thyroid Disorders, Pyrrole Disorder and Gut Health. 

Key Naturopath: Jarrod Cooper. His specialties include mood disorder, detoxification and disease prevention in general. Jarrod’s personal philosophy is based on simplicity: “… a healthy mind and body must be achieved through adequate and educated attention to eat well, sleep well and think well.” Jarrod is also a member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association of Australia (ANTA).

Key Naturopath: Lesley Oakes. She specialises in weight loss and is also a board-certified anti-ageing practitioner. Lesley believes effective weight management begins with correcting imbalances that lead to the weight gain.

Wellness Perth Natural Medicine: Located in Wattle Grove, Western Australia, the Wellness Perth Natural Medicine Clinic uses the latest diagnostic techniques to discover and treat medical conditions. Services include Herbal Medicine, Detoxification, Weight Loss and Enzyme Therapy. 

Key Naturopath: Kylie Robshaw. She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Complimentary Medicine from Charles Sturt University plus Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine. Kylie works closely with her patient’s doctors and medical team to ensure the patient receives optimum care.

Cura Integrative Medicine, PerthThe Cura Clinic gets its name from the Latin word “Cura” which means “cure”. Just as their name implies, the clinic offers cures through Iridology, Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine. Other services include Paediatric Health, Men’s Health, Functional Testing and Weight Loss Plans.

Key Naturopath: Shannon Burtford. He believes in evidence-based natural medicine as an approach to holistic health.

Mannie Downer HealthThis clinic’s popular services are massage therapy and clinical hypnotherapy. If you are in need of quick solutions to minor problems such as headaches or sinuses, you’ll find a list of helpful home-based remedies. 

Key Naturopath: Marnie Downer. Instead of sudden huge lifestyle changes, she advocates for minor changes that translate to long term great results. Marnie seeks to help you understand your body better, as each person is unique. Marnie has Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicines. She is also a member of ANTA.

Perth NatMed: They offer both conventional and natural approaches to health conditions. Arguably, their most widely known specialty is weight loss and management. Other offers include Remedial Massage Therapy, Sports Medicine and Anti-ageing Expertise. Book a consultation for testing and analysis with NatMed Perth for a hair mineral analysis.

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